Institute of Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture (LMDA) of Art Academy of Latvia (LMA) was founded in 2021 to ensure the achievement of the strategic goals and performance results of the Academy as a scientific institution in research in the field of humanities and arts.

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Journal articles

Traumane, M. Spaces of criticism and imagination: Exhibitions, publications and exchanges of Latvian and Estonian architects and artists in 1978–79. Studies on Art and Architecture/ Kunstiteaduslikke Uurimusi, 32 (3-4). (To be published in December 2023).
Koering, D. (2023) Exploring the human-AI nexus: A friendly dispute between second-order cybernetical ethical thinking and questions of AI ethics. Enacting Cybernetics, 1 (1): Article 5. DOI: 10.58695/ec.4
Kaygan, P.  (2023) From forming to performing: Team development for enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration between design and engineering students using design thinking. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 33 (2): 457-478.
Suhanova, D. (2023) Imaginary and unbuilt. Architectural drawings in the archival collection of the Latvian Museum of Architecture. Kunstiteaduslikke Uurimusi. Studies on Art and Architecture, 32 (1-2). https://ktu.kty.ee/en/arhiiv/527
Kaygan, P., Wasti, N. and Dilek Alptekin, İ. (2023) Enacting individual ambidexterity in design entrepreneurship. The Design Journal, 26 (3): 438-458.

Book chapters

Kaygan, P. Design for gender equality: Interdisciplinary design intervention to tackle gender biases and stereotypes in engineering. In Design in Action: Reflections on Social and Inclusive Practices, edited by Anastasios Maragiannis. Intellect. (Accepted for publication)
Mühl, S. (2023) Post-socialist historiographies. Visual art in Eastern Germany 30 years after the GDR. In: Maria Mayr, Michel Mallet, Kristin Rebien (eds.) Unrealized Futures in Postsocialist Memory and Culture, Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter 2023. (In print)
Traumane, M. (2023) Workshop for the Restoration of Unfelt Feelings: Approximate Coordinates. In: Unearthing the Music. Sound and Creative Experimentation in Non-Democratic Europe. Leipzig: Spector Books 2023. (In print)
Jakobsone, L. (2023) Critical transition: Merging approaches toward sustainability. In: Duarte, E., Di Roma, A. (eds) Developments in Design Research and Practice II. Senses 2021. Springer Series in Design and Innovation, vol 31. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-32280-8_23
Mühl, S. (2023) Torpedoes and trees: Staging the modern art collection at the Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana. In: Kristian Handberg, Malene Vest Hansen (eds.) Curating the Contemporary in the Art Museum. Abingdon und New York: Routledge 2023, 110-124.

Conference proceedings

Sommeregger, E. and Koering, D. Vessels for new digital landscapes. Proceedings of the (Building) New Perspectives Symposium in Riga, Latvia, 10th-11th November 2022. LMDA, Art Academy of Riga. (In press)
Kaygan, P. and Kaygan, H. (2023) Gendered design for gendered crisis: Women’s experiences in public transport. In Social Design Network Bi-Annual Conference 2023, On the Verge: Design in Times of Crisis, 9-10 November 2023. (Accepted for publication)
Jakobsone, L. (2023) Design fiction localised. In Vaes, K., Verlinden, J. (eds) Connectivity and Creativity in Times of Conflict. Cumulus Conference Proceedings Antwerp 2023. Academia Press Belgium.
Suhanova, D. Architecture of things: Spatial practices of collecting and hoarding in Latvia. Synergy Between Humanities and Natural Sciences in Cultural History and Theory.  Conference Proceedings of the Doctoral Study Programme Art Academy of Latvia. 16–17 June 2022. Riga: Art Academy of Latvia, pp. 114-122; ISBN 978-9934-630-07-1; https://www.lma.lv/uploads/news/3920/files/lma-zin-kon-2022.pdf

Conference presentations

Mühl, S. (2023) Contemporary adaptations to socialist commemorative public art in post-socialist North-Eastern Europe: ephemerality, performativity, and radical democracy, paper presented at the International Conference “Contemporary Approaches to Commemorative Public Art”, 09.11.2023, University of Johannesburg, South-Africa (online).
Sommeregger, E. (2023) Navigating, Performing and Book Making, Tacit Knowledge Symposium, ETH Zurich, 19-21 June 2023.
Mühl, S. (2023) Bonds across differences. Taring Padi’s art of propaganda, paper presented at the International Conference for PhD Students “Conflict as a Catalyst for Change”, 16.06.2023, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia (online).
Suhanova, D. (2023) Spatial practices of collecting and hoarding in Latvia. What Constitutes a Desirable and Well-Organised Environment? Latvijas Mākslas akadēmijas Doktorantūras nodaļas Starptautiskā zinātniskā konference Konflikts kā procesu katalizators. 15-16 June 2023. Conference abstracts: https://www.lma.lv/uploads/pages/lv/4978/files/tezu-krajums-2023-lma-conference.pdf
Mühl, S. (2023) National identity and the cardboard puppet, paper presented at the Vigeland Seminar 2023 „Sculpture between Nationalism and Internationalism“, 12.06.2023, Vigeland Museum Oslo, Norway.
Mühl, S. (2023) Modernity in the Shoebox: Universalism, aesthetic ideology, and utopian imagination, paper presented at the International Conference “Ugly Modernity: Its Unseen Sides”, 08.06.2023, York University UK (online).
Kaygan, H. and Kaygan, P. (2023) Care in medical product development: Doctors as carers, consultants, entrepreneurs. Paper presented at the Nordic STS Conference 2023, 7-9 June 2023, University of Oslo, Norway.
Sommeregger, E. and Koering, D. (2023). Exploring Avatars as Posthuman Entities. Technology, Art and the Posthuman. Session 2: Aesthetics. 13-14 May 2023, John Cabot University, Rome, Italy.
Mühl, S. (2023) Calling for Rain: The world-making art of Khvay Samnang, paper presented at the International Conference “Deep Sea Babies: Navigating Between Dystopias and Utopias”, 14.04.2023, Pedagogical University Cracow, Poland.
Mühl, S. (2023) Torpedoes and trees. Staging the modern art collection at the Moderna Galerija, Book Launch Presentation at the European Postwar Contemporary Art Forum, 07.03.2023 (online).
Traumane, M. (2023) Regional perspectives on underground histories in the Baltic countries. Conference Blind Spots of the Counter Canon: Soviet Underground Culture Revisited, 13–15 February 2023, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, USA.
Mühl, S. (2023) Specters in the Haunted House: Taring Padi’s propaganda art in the context of documenta fifteen, paper presented at the International Workshop “Universal Images in Post-Universalist Times”, 13.01.2023, Klagenfurt University, Austria.

Public talks and lectures

Mühl, S. Panel discussion in the exhibition Stefan Hurtig. CBRG.SPACE, Kunstverein Soft Power, 08.09.2023, Berlin.
Mühl, S. Utopia, art and democracy. Is there a utopian dimension in contemporary art?, public lecture, Demokrātijas Festivāls, 29.07.2023, Kuldīga, Latvia.
Traumane, M. Participation in the discussion, Demokrātijas Festivāls, 29.07.2023, Kuldīga, Latvia.
Sommeregger, E. Participation in the public panel talk AccessAbility, Transforming the City, Architecture Biennale, Venice,12.6.2023.
Kaygan, P. Gendered aspects of design. Public lecture as part of Design Management course, 24 May 2023. Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.

Newspaper and magazine articles

Mühl, S. (2023) What happened to the pan-demos? On the everywhereness quality of the body, in: Arts of the Working Class. Journal for art, society, poverty and wealth, published 15.03.2023. URL: https://artsoftheworkingclass.org/text/what-happened-to-the-pan-demos
Sommeregger, E. and Koering, D. (2023) Arhitektūra + Pētniecība. Latvijas Architektūra. Burtnīca Nr. 164 (1) 2023. P. 46. Riga, Latvia.
Suhanova, D. (2023) Guest editor for magazine Latvijas Architektūra. Burtnīca Nr. 164 (1), 2023. Riga, Latvia.
Smilga, D., Paegle, N., Bērziņš, K., Suhanova, D. (2023) ĒTER ietekmes stratosfēra. Latvijas Architektūra. Burtnīca Nr. 164 (1), 2023. P. 11-17. Riga, Latvia.
Suhanova, D. (2023) Jauna Arhitektūras skola Latvijas Mākslas akadēmijā. Latvijas Architektūra. Burtnīca Nr. 164 (1), 2023. P. 40-43. Riga, Latvia.
Suhanova, D. (2023) Vai viegli būt jaunam (arhitektam)? Latvijas Architektūra. Burtnīca Nr. 164 (1), 2023. P. 50-55. Riga, Latvia.
Suhanova, D. (2023) Vēsma Kontere McQuillan. Intervija. Latvijas Architektūra. Burtnīca Nr. 164 (1), 2023. P. 76-81. Riga, Latvia.

Exhibition catalogues

Mühl, S. (2023) We are all lichens. From the Cyborg Metaphor to a Symbiosis of Species. In: Stefan Hurtig. CBRG.SPACE. Center for Contemporary Art Leipzig 2023, p. 1–6 (In print).


Suhanova, D. (2023) Shopping in Venice. The 18th Venice Architecture Biennale review. Published on FOLD, 13th June 2023. Available: https://www.fold.lv/en/2023/06/shopping-in-venice-the-18th-venice-architecture-biennale-review/

Interviews & Podcasts

Mühl, S. (2023) Izdzēšot vēsturi, jūs nevarat no tās mācīties, Interview by Toms Treibergs, in: TVNET, published 23.07.2023, URL: https://klik.tvnet.lv/7819542/makslas-zinatnieks-sebastians-mils-izdzesot-vesturi-jus-nevarat-no-tas-macities
Marthe, S. (2023) Interview: Dr. Dietmar Köring. Baunetzwoche 622, pp. 9-12. Heinze GmbH, NL Berlin, BauNetz. https://www.baunetz.de/baunetzwoche/baunetzwoche_ausgabe_8266279.html


Summer school Landscapes of Resort: History, Culture and Environment (Aug 22-25, 2023) in Liepāja. Project IDEUM, No.: VPP-LETONIKA-2021/1-0008.

Interdisciplinary Workshop Probing the Digital. Cyborgs, Avatars, and AI (Sep 14-15, 2023). Participants: Stefan Sorgner (John Cabot University Rome), Marc Ries (University of Art and Design Offenbach), Eva Sommeregger + Dietmar Koering (Art Academy of Latvia), Sebastian Mühl (Art Academy of Latvia), Zane Onckule (Riga Technoculture Research Unit), Darja Popolitova (Estonian Academy of Arts), Rasa Šmite (Liepaja University, RIXC Center for Art and Science). Support: Baltic-German University Liaison Office, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic Germany.


Sommeregger, E. (2022). Tupaia, Kybernetes & Lara Croft, Breite Gasse Publishing, Vienna, doi: 10.21937/9783950411195PDF
Kern, C, Van Hoeydonck, W., Sommeregger, E. (eds.) (2022) Space Tessellations. Experimenting with Parquet Deformations in Three Dimensions. Birkhäuser Publishers

Book chapters

Hernández-Ramírez, R., Jakobsone, L., Behrens, T., Chambel, T. (2022) Should technology be [just] delightful?. In: Duarte, E., Rosa, C. (eds) Developments in Design Research and Practice. Senses 2019. Springer Series in Design and Innovation, vol 17. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-86596-2_8
Jākobsone, L. (2022) Pārmaiņas dizaina izpratnē. In Dizaina nodaļai 60. Latvijas Mākslas akadēmija, ISBN 978-9934-541-83-4. p.216-233.

Conference proceedings

Messini, V., Sommeregger, E. (2022) Posthumanist Sandbox, The potential of Multiplayer-Environments.” in: UNITO Universities of Tomorrow: Global, Interdisciplinary, Digitized, Sustainable. Conference proceedings: https://nbn-resolving.org/urn:nbn:de:bsz:kon4-opus4-29970

Conference presentations

Suhanova, D. (2022) Praktiskā pilsētu pētniecība un eksperimentāla urbānās pieredzes veidošana – arhitektūras vasaras skolas. Krisjanis Barons conference “Experience in the City” (“Pieredze pilsētā”). 9-10 November 2022. Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia. Riga, National Library of Latvia. Conference abstracts: http://lulfmi.lv/files/2022/Barona_konference_2022_kopsavilkumi.pdf
Traumane, M. (2022) Piederība un pilsētas apguve kustībā “Nebijušu sajūtu restaurēšanas darbnīcas”mākslinieku loka tekstos, dziesmās un akcijās. Krisjanis Barons conference “Experience in the City” (“Pieredze pilsētā”). 9-10 November 2022. Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia. Riga, National Library of Latvia. Conference abstracts: http://lulfmi.lv/files/2022/Barona_konference_2022_kopsavilkumi.pdf
Sommeregger, E. and Koering, D. (2022) Vessels for new Digital Landscapes. Splintered Realities. RIXC Art Science Festival 2022. 6-10 October. Deep Europe symposium. The 5th Renewable Futures conference (Parallel Session B4).
Suhanova, D. (2022) Lietu arhitektūra – vācēji un mantu uzkrāšanas telpiskās prakses Latvijā. 2nd International Conference “Synergy Between Humanities and Natural Sciences in Cultural History and Theory” of the Department of Doctoral Studies of the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga. 16-17 June. Conference abstracts: https://www.lma.lv/uploads/pages/lv/4551/files/lma-tezes-2.pdf
Traumane, M. (2022) Reception of the Exhibition of Fourteen Estonian Architects in Riga: Reverberations in the Fields of Architecture and Design. Seminar:  Likeness in Difference. Perspectives on Baltic Regional Art History; 13–14 May,  Art Museum of Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts, 2022 https://kunstimuuseum.ekm.ee/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/final_Seminar-Balti-regionaalne-ja-v6rdlev-kunstiajalugu-EKAEKM_Digiteesivihik_A4_ENG.pdf

Public talks and lectures

Suhanova, D. and Mailitis, A. (2022) Presentation and discussion on emerging research and learning environments in Latvia. Architektūros Fondas forum Shaping Learning Environments. 5 November 2022. Vilnius, Lithuania.
Suhanova, D. (2022) Expert presentation. Mad City 2022 annual event Crisis in the City. 28th Oct. Riga, Latvia.
Suhanova, D. (2022) Stāsti par vides dizainu (Stories on Environmental Design) – lecture and participation in the discussion. IT Izglītības fonds. StartIT conference Iedvesmas diena 2022 (Inspiration Day 2022). Riga, Latvia.
Koering, D. (2022). LMDA talks. Episode 3. An (architectural) musing: space and research, 11th May 2022. Moderator: Koering, D. Speaker: Busch, J.; Shafiei, S.; Koehler, D.; Voordouw, J.
Sommeregger, E. (2022). LMDA talks. Episode 4. Extended Bodies / Extended Spaces”, 15th June 2022 Moderator: Sommeregger, E. speakers:  Jauernik, C., Jõekalda, J., Messini, V.,  Weiner, S.
Sommeregger, E. (2022) Tupaia, Kybernetes & Lara Croft, book presentation at Depot, Kunst und Diskussion, 31st January 2022, Vienna.

Newspaper and magazine articles

Sommeregger, E., Koering, D., Jākobsone, L., Suhanova, D. and Traumane, M. (2022) Būvējot jaunus skatpunktus. Atskats uz LMDA simpoziju. Published on FOLD, 9 Dec. 2022. Available: https://www.fold.lv/2022/12/buvejot-jaunus-skatpunktus-atskats-uz-lmda-simpoziju/
Jākobsone, L. (2022) Iemācīt mācīties. Dizaina izglītība sociālās sirdsapziņas attīstībai. Published on FOLD, 8 November 2022. Available: https://www.fold.lv/2022/11/iemacit-macities-dizaina-izglitiba-socialas-sirdsapzinas-attistibai/


Suhanova, D. (2022) ĒTER arhitektūra ASMR izstādei Londonas Dizaina muzejā. Published on FOLD, 1 June 2022. Available: https://www.fold.lv/2022/06/eter-arhitektura-asmr-izstadei-londonas-dizaina-muzeja/
Traumane, M. (2022) Thinking futures of shared legacies. Review of the Seminar Likeness in Difference. Perspectives on Baltic Regional Art History, Studies on Art and Architecture/ Kunstiteaduslikke Uurimusi. 2022, 31 (3-4): 190-195.

Interviews & Podcasts

May, S. and Bickenbach, W. (2022) Baustelle Zukunft: Künstliche Intelligenz & Architektur: Benötigen wir noch Architekt:innen und Planer:innen? (Dr. Dietmar Köring & Laurent Brückner) [Audio podcast]. Zeppelin Lab Berlin. https://z-lab.com/baustelle-zukunft/podcast/



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Senior researchers:
Dr.-techn. Eva Sommeregger (architecture)

Ph.D. Sebastian Mühl (contemporary culture and visual art)

Ph.D. Pınar Kaygan (design) PDF

Guest senior researcher:
Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Köring (architecture)

Ph.D. Liene Jākobsone (design)

Dina Suhanova (architecture)

Māra Traumane (visual arts)